The Pig Hotel – Brockenhurst 

The Pig Hotel in Brockenhurst is something you would see in a movie! I mean look at it! Absolutely gorgeous. You can stay here over night or come to the restaurant for the most amazing food… and that’s exactly what I did 

last weekend!

You will be seated for lunch or dinner, in a green house… literally. As you can see in the photo it’s very ‘shabby sheek’ but the details are amazing and everything is so perfect. We came here for a birthday as it is pricey. But worth it.

We where firstly seated in the ‘lounge’ as we waited for our table. I opted for an ice cold glass of Hampshire sparkling wine. It was fresh and crisp, and to be tasted exactly like a fine champagne. £10 for a glass. So one was enough for me!

We had some ‘piggy bits’ whilst we waited.. pork crackling with apple sauce and chorizo sticks with a salad garnish. All lovely and you already know your in for a treat! 

Then for dinner! Well, I must say we where served by such a lovely young man who made it for me. So enthusiastic about his job and made me even more excited for some dinner.

Some freshly made bread cake over to our table, still warm! We where told to try mixing some garlic and rosemary infused olive oil into a dish with some smoked salt to dip the bread in. It was amazing.

Glass of cold white wine went lovely wash it down (or 3!)

On to mains and where can I start.

I had the cod. Beautifuly meaty and cooked to perfection. I can’t really say much more than that. Devine. 

My partner had… wait for it…

That’s right. The pig jaw. 

I think he opted for this more so because he wanted to get a cool photo. We both thought that there wouldn’t be much meat on there but oh weren’t we wrong! A layer of the best jaw breakingly crunchy cracking, to unveil a huge amount of fall of the bone (or jaw) succulent and sweet meat

What a lovely meal and thank you to the Pig for a great evening and great service.

Let me know if you have any questions !!


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